Brisbane’s Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

I have to admit I’m not one for going to zoos, but there are a few animals I’d make an exception for… koalas are deffo one of them, so when granted a trip to Brisbane weeks ago, a visit to their Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary was in the cards. There’s a pretty steep entrance fee to the zoo – AUD 36 (that’s almost PHP 1,400; discounted to AUD 25 if you’re a crew member) – but if you want to get up close and personal with a koala, this should hopefully be worth it.

You can actually hold a Koala and take photos with it for a fee (AUD 30, or around PHP 1,100, if I remember correctly; which is steep, but ah, to be clung to by basically a living stuffed animal…), but we unfortunately got lost on the way there and arrived rather late and missed the allotted time for koala holding, so… something for next time. We got to observe them instead from their little areas. Most of them were sleeping, of course, these babies are known to sleep for up to 22 hours a day (looks like I’ve met my spirit animal, haha). This one was trying to escape, though. I feel sad thinking about them being caged, but here’s hoping the zoo takes care of them well and keeps them happy…

Oh, and we did still manage to have photos with a little cutie, just next to it instead of holding it. We’ll take it!


Despite the zoo’s name, it wasn’t solely about koalas – there was also a variety of animals (crocodiles, iguanas, et cetera), including kangaroos. There was an area where you could interact with them and feed them. We actually ended up spending more time there since we could only swoon at the sleeping koalas for so long.

The weather was luckily pretty warm so I was able to wear comfortable clothes that day. Wearing a Mango top, one of my Topshop jeans, and my favorite sandals from local shoe brand Suelas. I love this pair so much I have it in two colors. It feels like I’m just wearing slippers but obviously looks far from it – it’s made of suede and leather and look absolutely chic. Love it. #supportlocal ❤️

Anyway, I didn’t notice the kangaroos’ nails at the time, but someone pointed out to me how scary they looked, and I’m now very glad I didn’t notice then. Those nails are looooong.

Going back to the hotel was quite the struggle as we ended up waiting by the wrong bus stop and being told by a stranger where we were supposed to wait. Except, she also turned out to be wrong and we ended up running after (everything seemed to go in slow motion at that time, haha) our bus and not making it. Welp! We ended up hailing an Uber (oh, how I miss Uber in Manila…) after waiting two hours for the bus-we-would-only-miss. Oh well – navigating around other countries can be rather difficult and we’re bound to get lost every now and then. I think I’ve come to accept that and I’m able to handle those situations better now than before (it used to be very stressful knowing I couldn’t afford to waste time on a paid vacation—my situation and privilege now is a different story, luckily). It can be quite fun to get lost. x

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