February in Film

Before the world got crazy.

I borrowed my brother’s film camera (an Olympus 35 UC) and had thirty six shots to play with. I would have wanted to take it to more trips, but it became clear we’d all have to stay home for the unforeseeable future, so I only managed to bring it to a few places. Dumping some of the photos here anyway because I quite enjoy how they turned out!

N E W Y O R K ,  U S A

The camera’s focus ring wasn’t working anymore, so some of these shots were completely out of focus. But I feel like they made the photos feel more analog. There’s just something about film, no?

A quick disclaimer to say that these shots were still postprocessed as I wasn’t a fan of how they were processed by the lab. (I’m not a fan of the lab to begin with – tried out Sunny16 Lab – their customer service was awful. Their rep answered queries with one liners or didn’t answer at all, and took longer to send the scans than they promised. I didn’t mind waiting, but working in the service industry, it’s a giant pet peeve of mine when customer service is bad. Highly encourage anyone needing their film to be processed to have it done with Fujifilm in Megamall instead.)

This one’s a lil inside joke : )

A N T I P O L O ,  P H I L I P P I N E S

Drove to Antipolo one day for a date. Thought Pinto Art Museum would look good in film and be a nice place to use up my remaining shots. The weather wasn’t great, so it probably wasn’t the best day to spend some time outdoors. The entrance fee seems to have increased, too (Php 200 now!). Perhaps a visit when it’s not too hot would be more enjoyable. We just wanted to stay where there was a fan, lol. I feel bad considering I’m a Fine Arts graduate! But I think I’ve disconnected with traditional art, sadly…

This cat was sleeping but woke up as I sneakily came close for a photo. Damn those instincts.

We were a bit pressed for time at the museum too as we had a reservation at a nearby cafe. Happy to report Burrow Cafe was as pretty as it looked in photos (it went viral on Facebook). Don’t expect too much from the food, though (apart from it being overpriced) and note that you’ll have to call ahead for a reservation.

As for the rest of the shots, my brothers and I just had a quick photo sesh with our family’s eight-month old cat Murphy, who we obviously adore.

I was never really a cat person until Murphy came along, as I have bad memories from my childhood (got bitten by one), but this lil sweetie’s been giving me a change of heart. (Still mainly a dog person though!)

I really enjoyed shooting with film, and briefly debated buying the camera from my brother, but thinking about how much it costs – Php 695 for a roll of Kodak Portra + about Php 450 for processing the film; that’s Php 1,145 for every 36 shots. (You can cut this down a bit by getting cheaper film rolls, but Portra happens to be my preference.) It’s a very expensive and luxurious hobby, one that I don’t think would be practical for someone like me who’s already invested in a mirrorless camera. While the look of film is incredibly special and at times just magical, it’s just not something I can afford to do as a hobby. Maybe one day when I’m earning actual moolah from this whole blogging thing… (Ha, I wish.)


  1. Paige Butler April 1, 2020 at 6:30 am

    Lovely! ♡

  2. Kassandra April 1, 2020 at 11:46 am

    Wow! Stunning photos! Can’t wait to see more of your work


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