Hello, Real World.

So, hi.

My blog has been down for a while, as usual, since I decided to give my website a makeover. Took me six long months, but hey it’s finally here!

The last seven months of my life were spent being a bum, sleeping for as long as I want (oh god do I miss this), running out of shit to do, decorating our new place (we’ve moved from Taytay to Mandaluyong, which made me realize how ridiculously far away Taytay is and made me wonder how on earth I survived the commute), and watching football (and falling in love with a certain Manuel Neuer).

Seven months of being still and calm and making sure I never pressured myself to get a job, never setting a deadline, and letting things just flow naturally. Probably the best, most carefree seven months of my life, honestly.

By November, though, I started looking for work and sent in three job applications, feeling well-rested and ready to take on the so-called real world. One of them was my ultimate dream job (hint hint: my height would be an advantage here), which, unfortunately, never called me back. (I asked for a follow-up and was told that my resume hasn’t been printed yet which made me feel better, but I haven’t received a call to this day. I’ll probably call them up at some point again, but since I’m happy where I am at the moment, the dream job can wait.)

The second application was with a company that I’m pretty sure received a thousand applications, so I understandably got ignored.

The third was with a company whose work I genuinely adored. (To be fair, I made sure I only applied to companies I genuinely wanted to work for.) I was invited for an interview sometime during the first week of November, underwent a 6-hour technical exam (which, frankly, turned me off–I mean, come on, SIX hours?!), and received a call the next day asking me to come over. I did and we discussed my future in the company and the job’s perks (free lunch a la lutong bahay! The office doesn’t look like an office at all, it looks like a beautiful home! It’s 15-minutes away from our place! There’s NO DRESS CODE, which means it’s crop top-high-waist shorts–my entire wardrobe, basically–friendly!), and was introduced to their employees. I told them I would think about the job offer, but when I met their people I knew I would say yes. They were so friendly, the environment was relaxed, they all seemed like cool people and they welcomed me very warmly. It was a quick hello but I again visited the next day to tambay, so I can get familiar with the office and the people before I officially began working there.

The day after tambay day I came over again for a welcome dinner at K-Pub in The Fort. It was hard to chat with them since there was a live band and you have to shout to talk so I only got to bond with my seatmate slash co-newbie.

After that weekend and by November 10, I was officially a working girl!

And now, one month later, I guess I’m pretty happy. The work can be monotonous and stressful, but, well, what work isn’t? It’s also a surprise and a relief how quickly I’ve adjusted here (it took me at least one super awkward year to adjust in college, golly…). I’m still this awkward, timid introvert, don’t get me wrong–but I feel like I blend in just fine. I’m the company’s bunso and I’m lovingly called their baby girl (which is super endearing and I’m not gonna lie I enjoy being spoiled haha) and hamster (this I enjoy less lol). This is probably one of the perks of working for a company composed of less than fifty people–we just feel like a family! I feel like I suddenly acquired big sisters and brothers here and it’s just such a wonderful environment.

Hoping for the best. x


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