August 8, 2019 (is it even really me if I’m not blogging about something that happened a year ago?). This was one of those days where you swore you would make a day of your layover but end up getting beaten by your jetlag and just sleeping all day (a familiar story for flight attendants, I guarantee). A shame considering we had rented a car in the morning, only to have it parked at the hotel all day until we woke up from our unintentionally long slumber. By the time we awoke, it was already one – gasp – in the morning.

We obviously didn’t particularly have much to do at 1 a.m. Shopping was out of the cards (but my present self, currently in danger of losing her job, thanks the heavens for that). We ended up driving to LACMA instead where we knew the lights installation ran for twenty-four hours. I swore I wouldn’t just go here for the lights; there’s an actual museum here after all, and it’s not just someplace people take photos of for instagram (which I realize I ended up being guilty of too given the circumstances, unfortunately). But since jetlag took over, that’s all we had the liberty to do. We realized we could just spend some time by a beach close to our hotel, so we drove there afterwards. I’m really glad we ended up there! Dawn was starting to break and the sky had turned purple. I felt like I was in the La La Land scene where Ryan Gosling dances with an old lady along a boardwalk.

Manhattan Beach, El Segundo

City of Stars was obviously on loop in my head at that time.

It was a different angle on LA, often depicted as loud and sometimes even eccentric. It was quiet and serene. It wasn’t the prettiest beach I’ve seen, especially coming from a country with arguably the best beaches in the world, but the boardwalk and the city on the other side made for an interesting view. Birds would fly across the boardwalk once in a while and against the purple skies, it was just quite a sight. A seal even made its way around the shore at some point. I highly recommend going on a short trip like this when in Los Angeles for a change of pace.

Here’s a short video on this trip, if you’re more into moving images! xx

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