Finally got my hands on a new camera and this was its first official night out. I flew to Incheon last March 16. Iย was supposed to go out and head to Seoul despite my seniors not wanting to, but laziness won over me (it’s at least two hours away via train)… ย and now I completely regret that because we’ll no longer be going down the plane on our flights there! :'( Anyway, at least I still managed to take some photos when we went out for food around the hotel.

It was freezing the last time I was here (-7 degrees celcius!!!) so I made sure I came prepared this time around ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ourย hotel’s situated around this neon-lit area, which was nice. Probably caters to businessmen travelers just staying near the airport. There were a bunch of restaurants and bars. I’m guessing that tarpaulin behind me is an ad for a motel or something, haha, but oh well.

Would’ve been bummed if there was absolutely nothing to see around (although on the other hand, I would’ve been able to force myself to explore… dammit), so thankfully at least the area was quite nice. But yep,ย I guess that’s about all the relationship I’ll have with Korea for now (other than the various interesting slash sometimes disturbing encounters I have with their men inflight, lol ?), unfortunately. Maybe next time, Seoul x

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