Neon lights

Finally got my hands on a new camera and this was its first official night out. I flew to Incheon last March 16. I was supposed to go out and head to Seoul despite my seniors not wanting to, but laziness won over me (it’s at least two hours away via train)…  and now I completely regret that because we’ll no longer be going down the plane on our flights there! :'( Anyway, at least I still managed to take some photos when we went out for food around the hotel.

It was freezing the last time I was here (-7 degrees celcius!!!) so I made sure I came prepared this time around 😉

Our hotel’s situated around this neon-lit area, which was nice. Probably caters to businessmen travelers just staying near the airport. There were a bunch of restaurants and bars. I’m guessing that tarpaulin behind me is an ad for a motel or something, haha, but oh well.

Would’ve been bummed if there was absolutely nothing to see around (although on the other hand, I would’ve been able to force myself to explore… dammit), so thankfully at least the area was quite nice. But yep, I guess that’s about all the relationship I’ll have with Korea for now (other than the various interesting slash sometimes disturbing encounters I have with their men inflight, lol ?), unfortunately. Maybe next time, Seoul x

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