Slow mornings in Kalibo

Had a lot of time to spare in Kalibo, Aklan last June 11, but the weather was rather gloomy and a trip to Boracay (which I still haven’t been to until now!!! Huhu) wasn’t looking like a good idea. So instead we ended up in a nearby ecopark slash mangrove forest called Bakhawan. I wasn’t really excited about it, to be honest, mostly because I had already been picturing a gorgeous Boracay sunset, but I actually quite enjoyed the quiet, reflective walk. I had my camera on my hand, which is always key, apparently.

After walking a looong kilometer among the mangroves, we were greeted to a congratulatory sign (much deserved, haha, it was a long walk ok!) and we treated ourselves to a halo-halo, since, needless to say, it was scorching (I ended up with sunburnt arms that were so itchy I couldn’t sleep at night. Always bring sunblock, you guys).

After indulging on our dessert, we went to the sandbar across c/o a bamboo raft and Kuya’s paddle.

Kuya was so photogenic, haha.

I took photos of this guy, finding his haircut interesting, not realizing the crowd by the sandbar were already squealing and I was kind of making him uncomfortable. Or kinilig naman yata si Kuya, maybe he actually felt like a star. Haha. (Or not, and I was really just a creeper to him. Sorry na po. Haha.)

The boat ride took maybe around ten minutes. The sandbar wasn’t exactly anything special, but the boat ride itself was at least relaxing.

That was basically it for the trip. Chill. Quiet. Perfect for muni muni, basically, haha. Hope to actually see Boracay next time I’m in Kalibo, though!

Capping this post with a veeery short video I filmed during the trip, in which I force Kuya to say “Welcome to Kalibo!” and have a giggle about it.

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