Sunny Sydney

I’ve been to Sydney twice in my last two months of flying. My first flight there ended up being one of my most memorable so far – Australians are apparently very kind. I got my very first tip (we can’t actually accept tips but this guy was hesitant soooo) from this flight just by giving a guy his fair share of wine, haha! I honestly couldn’t enjoy my stay there as much though because of the intense heat (you’d think I’d be used to it being a Manila girl, but yeah, nope). Man, was it scorching. I still enjoyed the calm views and the suburban vibes, but I found myself wanting to run back to the shade most of the time. With just one whole day to tour, we decided to just do the cruise that circled the Opera House and gave us a good view of the Sydney skyline, take photos of the Opera House itself and spend some time in Bondi Beach.

Unfortunately didn’t have my camera with me on my first trip there so bear with the iPhone quality, but here’s a peek at the sights!

Hello, Sydney.
Sydney Opera House
The infamous Bondi Beach

After staying a while in Bondi Beach and checking out the stores around the boardwalk, we called it a day and headed back to our hotel (but not without grabbing dinner at nearby restaurant Nakkon Thai, pretty much the only place you can get some rice and something other than fish or chicken and chips in here! Asian me felt so deprived of food, hahahuhu.)

My second trip there was shorter and lazier; I didn’t go far anymore and just enjoyed a movie in our hotel room and a stroll around the beach just outside the hotel.

I wasn’t really planning on going to the beach anymore being the lazy bum that I am, but I thought the sunset looked quite nice and decided on a quick stroll. I was so glad that I did – when I got there I was surprised by the amount of seagulls hanging around the beach! The lovely little creatures against the pink skies was such a nice view; I was in awe. It was impossible to get close to them without them flying away so this was the best I could do with my 35mm lens (should remedy that by getting a telephoto, no?) but aaaaah. So pretty!

Seagull to man ratio

Until next time, Sydney! 🙂

PS. Here’s a short vlog on those trips if you fancy seeing more of my stay in sunny Sydney. x

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