I always find myself in Los Angeles these days, so it was no surprise that I would be scheduled to fly there on New Year’s, a.k.a. my boyfriend and I’s first anniversary. Seeing as it was a special occasion, we opted to stay outside of our airport hotel and booked a night at the Nomad Hotel, conveniently located downtown, just among some spots I’ve been wanting to revisit. I fell in love with the Nomad even just browsing through its website (the design graduate in me was tapped and inspired – so much so that my wild dreams of someday running my own hotel were reawakened, hah), and seeing it in the flesh did not disappoint.

Stepping foot into the hotel was like stepping foot directly inside a movie. The ambiance felt so moody and cinematic. I honestly couldn’t help but gush all the way until we got to our room (my boyfriend can attest to the twenty times I literally squealed “so pretty!” while touring our room).

Posing by the eye-catching, luxurious bathtub was a must, obviously.

Brass details.

There was more to the atelier room than its glamorous bathtub, of course. The bed area was a sight in itself, from the gallery wall (filled with interesting prints and photos – this is how a gallery wall should be done!! #inspired), to the statement bedside lamps (sooooooo freaking beautiful ugh), to the HDTV with built-in Chromecast (this is literally the first hotel I’ve stayed in that offers this, big ups to Nomad for keeping up with the times!), to the vintage-looking bluetooth audio player, which fortunately sounded just as good as it looked.

This thing served as our background music and even led to a slow dance at some point (it was our anniversary, we’re allowed to be romantic, haha!). Je n’oublierai jamais. (Let’s pretend I know French just to mask a cheesy note.)

We’re obviously pretending to read here, trying to be candid, haha. The marble tables though…

The Nomad’s location was quite convenient and was just a few blocks away from some famous spots, so after drooling over all of our room’s intricate details, we took a walk. First dropped by The Last Bookstore, where we managed to get a copy of a coffee table-book called Stay With Me in The Last, which features some of the most beautifully designed hotels in the world, and just so happened to feature The Nomad. I considered it my souvenir for our trip (instead of buying the hotel’s own souvenir offerings like their playing cards which wouldn’t have been as practical).

We also dropped by the Bradbury Building (a.k.a. where Tom meets Autumn in 500 Days of Summer), just for a peek at the architecture.

My boyfriend booked us a table at the hotel’s restaurant for dinner, so we wandered back after a while. Can’t say the restaurant was as exceptional as the hotel, unfortunately – even though we’d booked a table in advance, we ended up initially getting seated right next to the bar, which obviously wasn’t the vibe we were going for to celebrate our first year together. Luckily, and after expressing our frustration, they moved us to a quieter spot after maybe twenty minutes. They served us some fruits after ordering, which were lovely, but didn’t realize was meant to appease us for the next half hour we spent waiting for our food to be served. When it arrived, the so-called family plate’s serving wasn’t as big as expected, but we hesitated to order more fearing we’d have to wait another half an hour. The food was okay, and the dessert (three scoops of ice cream for us each, with literally a dozen of toppings served right on our table) was great, but I wouldn’t exactly recommend dining here on a busy night, especially if you’re celebrating a special occasion.

The hotel is a different story, though, if it wasn’t already obvious. Would 100% come back. ■

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